copyphotos_highaltitudeHigh Altitude Training

High Altitude Running
Flagstaff is an avid outdoors community, taking advantage of its many trail systems to enjoy the year-round accessibility of the mountains and canyons. You can experience these high country trails during the Annual Flagstaff Summer Running Series, which includes five races. This series offers runners an opportunity to challenge themselves, with high-altitude running (7,000 feet / 2,135 meters) and different terrains.

Flagstaff Alpine Ski and Snowboard Team
With four seasons, Flagstaff is the ideal Arizona location for ski and snowboard racing. The Flagstaff Ski Club hosts competitions for all ages at the Arizona Snowbowl and offers training for those who wish to improve their ski and snowboard racing skills. If you are not a downhill skier, but want to participate in winter racing, the Arizona Nordic Village offers cross-country and snow-shoe competitions for all skill levels.