Tranquil Training

Learn how a New Brunswick track athlete finds peace and tranquility when training in Flagstaff.

Home Away from Home

I’m a Canadian middle-distance track athlete that has visited Flagstaff for training over 8 times for the past 5 years. I love visiting Flagstaff; it feels like my second home. Because I’m an elite-level runner, I really enjoy the abundance of trails in Flagstaff.

Exploring the Trails

A couple of my favourites are the Urban Trail, Walnut Canyon and Buffalo Park. Each time I visit, I find a new trail to run on- it’s fun to explore. We also get to run on the awesome blue track at Northern Arizona University. When I’m not out of breath from my workouts, I am just amazed by the mountain views.

Finding Peace in Flagstaff

When I spend time in Flagstaff, I can’t help but feel completely relaxed and calm. I feel like that is part of the nature of the city. Spending a quiet morning outside or out at a good lunch spot. Spending the day in town shopping at many interesting stores. I always find unique clothes that I wouldn’t be able to find in Canada.

Coffee Shop Hopping

One of my favourite things about going to Flagstaff is experiencing the coffee shop life there. They not only provide delicious coffee but a relaxing environment to talk with friends or get work done. Some of my favourites are Late for the Train, Macy’s and Firecreek Coffee. During the nights, one of my fond memories is going up Elden Mountain and watching the sunset. Again, just extremely peaceful. I love visiting Flagstaff, and when I have the opportunity to travel there, I know that I will leave more refreshed from the time spent up in the clouds.