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FLAGSTAFF is a Foodie Paradise!


Delicious, creative and served to perfection immediately brings a smile on your face as you delight in savoring the flavor, texture, aroma and fun with every mouth-watering bite or every sip of carbonated effervescence. Dine at any of the more than 200 restaurants and be that chef at home you’ve always aspired to by creating a meal from these amazing restaurants. Thinking about your foodie experience will have you smiling.  And that smile is sure to stay as you reminisce the flavor and embrace the opportunity to recreate the chef crafted recipes at home.  You’ll be the hero!  Complete Restaurant Listing.

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Take a look at some of these Foodie Favorites. Try a recipe on your own or simply come to Flagstaff to enjoy great atmosphere, great food and great service.



Burrito Palace

WIPE the SMILE on your FACE:  Your happiness grows with every bite and burst of flavor that we just had to share restaurants and their recipes that are sure to satisfy even the toughest critic.


on your FACE


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