Biking in Breathtaking Flagstaff

Winding through beautiful Ponderosa pines, Aspen trees and northern Arizona terrain, the trails of Flagstaff are the ideal location for your biking adventure. Clean mountain air and stunning peak views will contribute to an adventure that exceeds the typical biking experience. The wide variety of trails range in level of difficulty and offer an opportunity to riders of all skill and fitness levels. Whether looking for an easygoing family activity or a challenging mountain ride, Flagstaff’s bicycle friendly environment will surely surpass all of your expectations.

The City of Flagstaff has been designated a Silver Level Bicycle-Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists, one of only 180 communities nationwide. For information on the City Bicycle programs, urban trail maps, bicycle parking inventory maps and safety tips, visit the City of Flagstaff.


  • There are 1.62 bicycles per household in Flagstaff. That is almost twice the national average.
  • The City boasts 117 miles of bike lanes which represents 58% of major streets.
  • 5.2% of work commute trips are made by bicycle, compared to the national average of 0.6%.
  • Flagstaff has more than 400 bike parking locations for nearly 3,000 bicycles.


Due to Flagstaff’s bicycle friendly environment, a bike shop in the surrounding area will not be difficult to find. Offering bicycles for purchase, repairs and expertise on all of your bicycling needs, many shops are centrally located in or near historic downtown Flagstaff. Locations to check out include: Absolute Bikes, Bike Revolution, AZ Bikes and Cosmic Cycles. 


Flagstaff offers many enjoyable trails, ranging in difficulty, to choose from:

The expanding Flagstaff Urban Trail System offers more than 50 miles of shared pathways and trails through urban Flagstaff. This is a wonderful option for those seeking diverse scenery, as these trails can be found in many locations, ranging from busy streets to forest nature. Since the trails are interconnected with other areas of the city, it is also a great opportunity for beginner riders to explore the area.

Situated in the Ponderosa forest, the Campbell Mesa Trails and its assortment of loops make it an appealing choice for riders. Visitors can expect to encounter incredible views of wildflowers and several mountains, including Mt. Elden. This trail system is suitable for riders of all skill levels.

There are also options for those hoping for a smoother ride along the scenic roads of Flagstaff. Lake Mary Road is notable for offering one of the best road bicycle rides in Arizona. A level road boasting a very wide bicycle lane with incredible views of the San Francisco Peaks, this ride is essential for all cyclists to attempt at least once. The Flagstaff Biking Organization advertises opportunities for those considering joining a group of fellow bikers in their adventures.

The varied landscapes and trails of Flagstaff create endless opportunities for all riders!