PR ToolkitMedia — Start at 7,000 feet then take your story even higher

Let your creative juices flow while mountain biking on the tallest peak in Arizona, climbing 60-feet up in a Ponderosa pine tree or sampling craft beer along the Flagstaff Ale Trail in historic downtown. An abundance of stories are waiting to be written in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Surrounded by the wonders of the Southwest and a beautiful four season climate, Flagstaff also offers a variety of locations for filming and photography, allowing you to capture many different scenes without a lot of travel.

The Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau Public Relations Department is here to assist members of the print and broadcast media who are on assignment. We are happy to suggest itineraries and facilitate visits to area attractions, cultural venues and other points of interest for inclusion in articles, books and broadcasts. Browse our online story ideas, press releases and photo gallery then contact us to plan your trip.