There’s an abundance of happiness for your fur baby in Flagstaff at 7,000’.  After all, we’re talking crisp mountain air, temps that’ll have them backflippin’, face lickin’ and tail chasin’ with more joy, all in a welcoming atmosphere – from participating hotels, restaurants and brewery patios to incredible open space boasting sapphire skies by day and epic dark skies filled with thousands of stars.



That happiness is just waiting for you -- the pup parents -- the fam and your fluffball, too.  Yep, participating Flagstaff stores, breweries, restaurants with patios and accommodations welcome well-mannered four-legged friends on leashes. So for a top dog, happy, tongue hanging out experience bring that fur baby and consider the following places for all your paws.


 . . . and for our two-legged friends, as if man’s best friend weren’t enough, we have rewards.  Happiness is a FREE eco-friendly dog bowl, and it’s super easy to get.  Just stay one night at a pet-friendly hotel between October 15 – December 30, 2018, and present your accommodation’s receipt (from the night prior) at the Flagstaff Visitor Center.  Hurry!  Supplies are limited.  When they’re gone, they’re dog-gone.



For more pet-friendly information contact the Flagstaff Visitor Center at 1-800-842-7293 or visit flagstaffarizona.org to download a Visitor Guide and get the latest happenings in Flagstaff.



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