Spring Break Activities in Flagstaff

Explore our guide on the top things to do for Spring Break in Flagstaff, planning the ultimate adventure.

A bird standing by a body of water near the San Francisco Peaks during spring.

Spring brings pleasant weather in Flagstaff with average high temperatures ranging between 50° to 60° degrees. Fresh snow powders the San Francisco Peaks, while flowers bloom across our outdoor areas and sunlight breaks through the verdant greenery of colossal trees. Whether you’re looking for Spring Break activities with younger children or scheduling a solo journey, Flagstaff is the perfect place for an awe-inspiring trip.

1. Dive into Skiing- and Snowboarding-Filled Fun

Nestled across the San Francisco Peaks, Arizona Snowbowl is a must-visit attraction for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts of all levels. Offering powdery snow and picturesque sights, this popular location includes 55 thrilling runs and eight scenic lifts, as well as various options for private and group classes. Don’t miss finding the best deals during the spring season, enjoying discounted tickets and rentals.

two snowboarders posing on side of mountain slope

2. Embark on a Hiking Journey

The natural splendor of Flagstaff consists of an otherworldly mountain range, towering ponderosa pine trees, rugged paths, and swaying wildflowers. Discover ecosystems that are bustling with hidden life. Traverse through tranquil atmospheres, hearing the sounds of birds and the gentle spring breezes rustle the leaves. Whether you’re traveling with first-time hikers or seasoned enthusiasts, Flagstaff features various trails for all ages. Expert hikers will enjoy a challenging route like Humphreys Peak, while beginners will relish a peaceful stroll through the Mars Hill Trail at the Coconino National Forest.

3. Pedal Your Way Through the Outdoors

Cycle through an array of winding trails, where sudden twists and turns give way to heart-pumping excitement. With more than 400 surrounding trails, there are plenty of ways to savor mountain biking around this mountain town. Seasoned cyclists will be enthralled exploring Arizona Nordic Village, a spot with thriving greenery and wildlife. Buffalo Park offers an easy 2.2-mile ride with stunning views of the mountains and local wildlife.

4. Reach for the Stars at Lowell Observatory

Flagstaff is a breathtaking dark sky city for lovers of stargazing. In this mountain town, it’s easy to uncover out-of-this-world wonders, peering through innovative telescopes which reveal the planets and stars. Visit the spot where dwarf planet Pluto was discovered by scientist Clyde Tombaugh. Lowell Observatory features astronomy-centered gazing, eye-catching exhibits, and science tours. The Giovale Open Deck Observatory is a can’t-miss activity, showcasing distant galaxies and gas clouds. Situated on a mesa, this attraction unveils panoramic views of Flagstaff at night.

Telescopes pointing at the stars at dusk from Lowell Observatory.

5. Capture Unforgettable Moments with Annual Spring Events

Whether you’re looking for walking tours or seeking live concerts, this mountain town is a lively hub for upcoming events in the spring. Take the kids to the yearly Youth Arts exhibition, spotlighting the works of young local artists at Coconino Center for the Arts. Tap your feet to upbeat tunes at the Museum Club, enjoying a vibrant atmosphere with talented country musicians. Explore downtown Flagstaff with a First Friday Artwalk event, which highlights local businesses with special activities. For more ideas, look through a list of upcoming happenings in the Flagstaff area.

6. Travel Through History at the Museum of Northern Arizona

While the kids may have a week off from school, Flagstaff offers educational activities which will quench curiosities and spark imaginations. Bring your family to the Museum of Northern Arizona and delve into fascinating exhibits about the anthropological and geological past of the Flagstaff region. Venture through different cultures and environments with rare artifacts and striking artwork. With exhibits ranging from Southwestern paintings and ancient pottery to prehistoric footprints and Native American jewelry, this museum weaves a rich tapestry of a diverse past.

Visitors walk around the outside of the Museum of Northern Arizona

Looking for more ways to enjoy your Spring Break trip in Flagstaff? Center your travels around finding places to stay, top-rated restaurants, and exciting things to do. Transform your week into an action-packed vacation with our list of must-try activities.

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