Self-Guided Tours

Depending on the time of year and your calling for outdoor adventure, your experiences could include endless fun, scenic hikes, and early travel history.

Flagstaff has become renowned for it's world-class downhill skiing, hundreds of miles of scenic trails for hiking, outdoor festivals from June to October, magnificent fall colors, or a gaze at the stars - as Flagstaff is the first designated international dark sky city. In addition to these wonderful activities there are many other exciting things to explore, like: downtown Flagstaff, Route 66, the historic train museum, and Native culture are just a few of the many things you can explore while touring the Flagstaff area.

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Walk this Talk, a historic Route 66 walking tour

Also knows as “The Mother Road,” Route 66 continues to bisect Flagstaff today, and the road is lined with relics from the route’s hey-day. Travel along the original alignment through the redeveloped Southside Historic District. This self-guided tour begins at the Historic Train Station, passing by classic drive-in motels and Flagstaff landmarks of old. This tour is unique as it is both guided and self-guided. You can start and stop on your own time and go at your own pace. Each stop along the way is experienced through a quick call on your mobile phone. Following an introduction from Cheers' Ted Danson, who grew up in Flagstaff prior to his fame, there are fun facts and art and shopping and dining and drinking all along the way, as you tour the original Route 66 alignment. Then you can return to the modern-day Route 66 offering similar experiences and much more. 

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Historic Downtown Walking Tour

Meander through historic 1900s era downtown Flagstaff, reveling in stories about the lynching of outlaws, fires that destroyed entire blocks, friendly saloon owners and other early day characters. Learn how and why the town was permanently relocated across from the train station. Guided tours also offered seasonally. Several downtown locations have haunted history, detailed stories, and old-town charm around every corner. 

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Haunted Flagstaff Walking Tour

With more than a century of haunted history and ghostly legends about bank robbers, ladies of the night, eccentric hotel guests and unfortunate lovers, Flagstaff has earned the reputation as one of Arizona’s most haunted cities. Stroll through Flagstaff’s paranormal past with a free self-guided brochure. All haunted locations are still open to the public and fully operational, aside from the occasional hotel room still too haunted to host new guests. Shows still play at The Orpheum Theater, but the upstairs patio is no longer accessible to the public. Visit any of the locations on the tour year-round! Guided tours also offered seasonally, try Freaky Foot Tours! 

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Green Book Historic Tour

For nearly 30 years, multiple editions of The Travelers’ Green Book provided African Americans with advice on safe places to eat and sleep when they traveled through the Jim Crow-era. Within this self-guided Flagstaff tour, various locations are highlighted that were included in the Green Book editions.

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Public Art Tour

More than forty pieces of public art in Flagstaff visually represent the heritage of the area. Each piece tells a story, some inspiring, some meditative, and others that intend to leave a legacy for future generations. Many of these have been inspired by the natural surroundings and local culture of Flagstaff and northern Arizona providing a lasting benefit to the community, increasing livability and enhancing the overall quality of life in Flagstaff.