Unusual Things to Do in Flagstaff

Journey through extraordinary phenomena and hidden tales across the City of Seven Wonders.

The Sunset Crater in Flagstaff, AZ.

Seeking rare experiences that will leave long-lasting memories? Fill your itinerary with uncommon activities such as traversing through ancient landmarks or learning spooky secrets about popular places. Unwind in a serene environment at High Country Motor Lodge or explore downtown Flagstaff with a refreshing drink in your hand. Whether you’re biking through the brewery scene with friends or examining an ancient meteor impact with family, embrace an alternative way of finding things to do in Flagstaff.

1. Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

Explore this epic phenomenon, discovering the youngest volcano on the Colorado Plateau. Capture moments in front of an earthen backdrop, taking in the remnants of eruptions from hundreds of years ago. Hike along the Lava Flow Trail, immersing yourself in a surreal molding of nature for a one-mile adventure.

aerial view of Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

2. The Museum Club

History aficionados will enjoy exploring this iconic Route 66 spot that’s built with colossal tree trunks and decorated with a variety of taxidermy. Regarded as “The Zoo” to locals, this music venue was initially a taxidermy museum and store in the 1930s, changing ownership throughout the years and acquiring the rumor as being a run-down, late-night fighting spot. Now, it’s a nightclub with neon signs and a thriving music scene. Don your best lumberjack clothes and groove to country tunes while settling into this eclectic atmosphere.

The Museum Club in Flagstaff, AZ.

3. Wupatki Spirit Totem

Travel along the southside of the Wupatki National Monument and discover this mysterious totem with ambiguous origins. Immerse yourself in a Studio Ghibli-like scene, examining three sacred wooden poles that are painted with different expressions. There are a few legends and speculations about these totems, but locals claim that these posts have been on the Deadman Flats for as long as anyone can remember. Take in the surrounding desertscape, marveling at the vast and tranquil atmosphere of this sacred area.

4. Nordic Spa at the High Country Motor Lodge

Relax in a soothing environment with a rotating hot and cold experience, enjoying the warmth of a sauna and the refreshing coolness of a plunge pool. Lie back into old Norse rituals, receiving health benefits such as improving the immune system and circulation. Retreat to a sauna that’s accompanied by a private fire pit, cold shower, and free electrolytes.
TIP: Visit the spa at 8 a.m. and create a good start to your day, or ensure a good night’s sleep by alleviating stress before 9 p.m.

5. Twin Arrows Trading Post Ruins

Explore this eerie Route 66 spot that was featured in a “Forrest Gump” running montage, displaying the remnants of a gas station, gift shop, and a diner. Capture pictures featuring one of towering red and yellow arrows, an iconic sign of the abandoned area. Peruse through graffiti-covered walls and rusted items, listening to a lone breeze in the distance. Travel back to the past and experience the abandoned aesthetics of old school roadside charms.
TIP: Receive permit access before entering the ruins, as the area is located on Arizona State Trust Lands.

6. Lava River Cave in Coconino

Discover the unusually smooth and towering walls of this cave, revealing a volcanic story from 700,000 years ago. Carry three types of light to navigate through the mysterious pitch-black darkness, crawling and crouching through dynamic terrain. Wear your stable hiking shoes and warm clothing, protecting yourself in the unexpected coolness of the cavern.

7. Freaky Foot Tours

Explore the haunted side of the City of Seven Wonders and experience top-rated paranormal tours. History aficionados will enjoy being immersed in detailed stories about the town's hidden history during the "Mountain Town of Madness" tour while passing iconic landmarks. Sip on craft beer while exploring Flagstaff's spooky history during the "Haunted Pub Crawl," or discover a history of notorious crimes walking through the "Downtown Flagstaff Haunted History Tour." 

A tour guide from Freaky Foot Tours wears a top hat and skull face mask while carrying a lantern

8. Arizona Handmade & Fire on the Mountain Galleries

Explore captivating collections of art at this gallery in downtown Flagstaff. Be immersed in enduring rituals of making fine arts and crafts, featuring works from local artists. Peruse through a variety of ceramics, paintings, jewelry, woodcuts, lithographs, and other types of handmade pieces. Discover rare artworks such as hand carved Kachina dolls, nature-inspired glass vases, and gem-based accessories.

TIP: Follow the gallery’s Instagram account for upcoming showings and events.

9. Alpine Pedaler

Cycle through downtown Flagstaff and drink craft beer on a trolley at the same time. Sip on refreshing beverages while exploring the city’s beer scene, taking in the city’s delightfully western atmosphere. Plan your next birthday, graduation or wedding party as an exploration through breweries, pubs, and restaurants.

A group rides a pedaler from Alpine Pedaler while visiting different Flagstaff, AZ breweries

10. Meteor Crater

Space enthusiasts will enjoy admiring this 50,000-year-old asteroid collision, spanning across an expansive area. Trace the history of a mountainous iron-nickel meteorite that impacted the land with a pressure that’s vastly more powerful than the atomic bomb. Traverse across an out-of-this-world experience, taking in a bowl-shaped deepness that’s large enough to host over 15 football fields. Immerse yourself in this historic site which helped Apollo astronauts train for their adventures.

A hiker in a backpack and red shirt stands on the rim of the 50,000 year-old Meteor Crater

11. Riordan Mansion State Historic Park

Dive into Flagstaff’s history through learning about pioneering lifestyles in a territorial logging town. Marvel at the rustic elegance of Arts and Crafts architecture, including log-slab walls, split wood shingles, and stone arches that are made from volcanic stones. Take a house tour and learn about the families who lived in this mansion and thrived in the city’s lumber industry. Traverse through picturesque greenery on the grounds and take in the rustic scenery at a nearby picnic spot.

riordan mansion state historic park

Plan Your Itinerary

Cultivate lesser known adventures around Flagstaff. Whether you want to try a new family-friendly activity, you’re seeking new hiking trails with friends, or just looking for cool things to do in AZ, embrace the city’s funkier side for your next outing.

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