Winter Snowplay areas in Flagstaff Arizona - MapWinter Wonderland

Designated as Arizona’s winter wonderland, Flagstaff attracts visitors from all over to our snowy playground. Accumulating an average of 100 inches of snow annually in downtown, the surrounding ponderosa forests are blanketed with even more, welcoming winter enthusiasts to partake in winter activities, such as skiing, snowshoeing, sledding and snowbiking.


Flagstaff Winter Facts

Flagstaff’s average annual snowfall is 108.8 inches.
Heaviest annual snowfall on record since 1961 occurred in 1973. Approx. 210 inches of snow.
The earliest snowfall on record in Flagstaff was September 19, 1965.
The latest snowfall on record in Flagstaff was June 8, 1907.

Winter Weather Terms

Advisory: weather event that may threaten life or property if caution is not exercised
Blizzard: a long severe snowstorm
Blowing Snow: wind-driven snow that significantly reduces visibility to less than seven miles
Flurries: light snowfall that generally does not produce measurable accumulation
Freezing Drizzle or Rain: the effect of drizzle or rain upon impact on objects that have a temperature of 32 degrees or below
Frost: a covering of small ice crystals that forms on or near the ground when temperatures approach or drop below 32 degrees
Ice Storm: a freezing rain event that produces damaging ice accumulations of ¼ inch or greater
Icicles: hanging mass of ice formed by the freezing of dripping water
Sleet: solid grains of ice formed by the freezing of raindrops or the refreezing of largely melted snowflakes
Snow: a descent or shower of crystals of ice formed from water vapor in the air
Snowpack: layers of snow and ice on the ground at any one time
Snow Showers: snow that stops and starts suddenly and is characterized by rapid changes in both intensity and visibility
Warning: a hazardous weather element is imminent and has a very high probability of occurrence
Wind Chill: apparent temperature that describes the combined effect of wind and low air temperatures

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