Top 7 Winter Safety Tips for Visiting Flagstaff, AZ

Before you head out into the snow this winter, be sure to check out our tips for staying safe no matter what you are doing.

A mountain in Flagstaff, AZ covered in fresh snow during winter

Flagstaff attracts visitors from all over to our snowy playground. Accumulating an average of 100 inches of snow annually in downtown, the surrounding ponderosa forests are blanketed with even more - welcoming winter enthusiasts to partake in a multitude of winter activities, such as skiing, snowshoeing, tubing, and snow-biking.

1. Be Prepared

Travel with cold weather necessities including plenty of gas in the tank, fully charged cell phone, supply of drinking water, flashlight, batteries, packed blankets, gloves, scarves, snacks, and medication.

2. Safety First

Slow down, only park in designated areas, do not park along highways, and allow for extra time due to road conditions or travel delays.

3. Respect Property

Do not block driveways, entrances, or exits, use restrooms prior to arriving at the snow-play area, and play in approved designated areas as shown on the snow-play map.

4. Leave No Trace

Be sure to take your trash and snow play items back to your vehicle for proper storage, recycling, or trash.

5. Have an Alternative Plan

Flagstaff offers numerous indoor and outdoor family-friendly winter activities. Stop by the Flagstaff Visitor Center for a customized itinerary.

6. Spend the Night

Weather is unpredictable and conditions can quickly change. Err on the cautious side and plan to stay overnight. There are plenty of family and pet-friendly accommodations. Visit to book your lodging.

7. Winter Driving Safety

Always call to check road conditions before you travel to Flagstaff during the winter season.

Road Conditions:
511 anywhere in Arizona or
1-888-411-ROAD (7623)

Winter Weather Terms:

  • Advisory: weather event that may threaten life or property if caution is not exercised
  • Blizzard: a long severe snowstorm
  • Blowing Snow: wind-driven snow that significantly reduces visibility to less than seven miles
  • Flurries: light snowfall that generally does not produce measurable accumulation
  • Freezing Drizzle or Rain: the effect of drizzle or rain upon impact on objects that have a temperature of 32 degrees or below
  • Frost: a covering of small ice crystals that forms on or near the ground when temperatures approach or drop below 32 degrees
  • Ice Storm: a freezing rain event that produces damaging ice accumulations of ¼ inch or greater
  • Icicles: hanging mass of ice formed by the freezing of dripping water
  • Sleet: solid grains of ice formed by the freezing of raindrops or the refreezing of largely melted snowflakes
  • Snow: a descent or shower of crystals of ice formed from water vapor in the air
  • Snowpack: layers of snow and ice on the ground at any one time
  • Snow Showers: snow that stops and starts suddenly and is characterized by rapid changes in both intensity and visibility
  • Warning: a hazardous weather element is imminent and has a very high probability of occurrence
  • Wind Chill: apparent temperature that describes the combined effect of wind and low air temperatures
A Flagstaff building with mountains in the distance.


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