Our Top 10 - Flagstaff Bucket List

We created our top 10 favorite things to do in Flagstaff to help make planning your trip just that much simpler.

a woman wearing plaid looks out over the pine trees at Arizona Snowbowl in the fall

Flagstaff, Arizona is conveniently located 2 hours north of Phoenix, Arizona and just over 3.5 hours east of Las Vegas, Nevada and has a multitude of sights to see and things to do. Whether you’re going for a day trip or a few days, you may be wondering “what is something that Flagstaff has that I don’t want to miss out on?” Here, we created our top 10 favorite things to do in Flagstaff to help make planning your trip just that much simpler.

a person holds a hot latte while looking at fresh pastries at Late for the Train Coffee Shop

#1 - Late For The Train Coffee Roastery

Fuel your next trip to Flagstaff with a cup of joe from Late for the Train Coffee Roastery. They have a vast menu that features house roasted coffees, specialty drinks, homemade pastries and breakfast burritos. Take your coffee on the go or stay a while and relax on their outdoor patio in the back. If you visit during the winter, they have fireplaces for the patio!

a woman having fun on the course at Flagstaff Extreme

#2 - Flagstaff Extreme

Now that you’re all caffeinated, it’s time to put that energy to good use at Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course. Situated in the Ponderosa Pines, this experience features over 80 obstacles across five different courses and over 30 different zip-lines. Surely, you’ll be on an adrenaline high after a few hours here! This adventure is great for everyone, including children, adults, and friends.

a woman wearing a brown dress poses for a photo in a field at The Arboretum

#3 - The Arboretum

Head to the Arboretum at Flagstaff to learn about over 700 different species of plants native to the Colorado Plateau in Northern Arizona. The garden is open May 1st through October 31st, but you can still visit their gift shop during the off season.

a hiker poses for a photo on the trail at Walnut Canyon National Monument

#4 - Walnut Canyon National Monument

Visit Walnut Canyon National Monument to discover the cliff dwellings of the Sinagua Indians. There are two trails to explore, the Rim Trail which takes you along the canyon and is flat, and the Island Trail that resembles a real life stairmaster. Walnut Canyon is open year-round but take precautions in the winter as it tends to get a lot of snow.

a woman having fun in the snow at Arizona Snowbowl

#5 - Snowbowl

If you love hitting the slopes, be sure to add Snowbowl to your winter bucket list in Flagstaff. Snowbowl features 55 trails for all skill levels. If you’re new to the slopes, they offer lessons for all ages and even have the largest course for beginners in the Southwest. Make it a multiple day adventure and stay at the Basecamp lodge associated with Snowbowl!

a person stands in a forest of aspen trees

#6 - Aspen Trees

I don’t know what screams Flagstaff more than Aspen trees. Aspen trees are a must-see because they are incredibly tall and absolutely stunning, especially as the seasons change. Finding the Aspen trees takes you on a beautiful scenic drive up the mountain, all you need to do is put “Snowbowl” into your maps app and follow the directions. There should be a spot to pull over along the way called the “Aspen Loop Trail”, this is a great spot to stop and take pictures! Next, consider donating to Pledge for the Wild with a text to WILD4FLAG at 44321 and help keep Flagstaff trails beautiful.

a bowl of ramen from Sosoba Noodles

#7 - SoSoBa Noodles

SoSoBa Noodles puts a twist on our favorite comfort food: ramen. Their funky upscale flare elevates your experience while sticking true to using seasonal ingredients from local farmer’s markets. We recommend trying their “Ball of Fire” which is an indulging fried mac and cheese ball kicked up a notch with hot sauce.

lowell observatory in the snow

#8 - Lowell Observatory

If you’re an astronomy junkie, you don’t want to miss the Lowell Observatory. Home to the discovery of Pluto, this National Historic Landmark features three exhibits and four telescopes so you can stargaze and search for planets and distant galaxies. Don’t miss out on Lowell Observatory’s current area of research, you could be witnessing history! The best time to visit the Lowell Observatory is during the night time as you’ll see more stars and planets with a dark sky.

Weatherford Hotel sign

#9 - Zane Grey Bar and Ballroom

Unwind after your long day of adventuring and exploring in Flagstaff with a visit to Zane Grey Bar and Ballroom. We loved their wrap-around balcony bar that showed off the best views of the lively Downtown Flagstaff at night. Pair this evening with one of their hot beverages like their Warm Mulled Wine or Warm Amaretto Spiced Rum and you’ll feel warm and cozy - perfect for the winter time!

exterior of the Hotel Monte Vista

#10 - Hotel Monte Vista

When you’re ready to hit the hay, check into Hotel Monte Vista. Hotel Monte Vista opened its doors in 1927 and has welcomed many Hollywood actors and actresses since. As a landmark of Downtown Flagstaff, those traveling along Route 66 stay here to experience the western lifestyle. Surely, this is a monumental place to visit during your time in Flagstaff.

Whether you have been to Flagstaff once or ten times, there is surely something on this list you haven’t done yet! Now, get out there and chase your Wildjoy :)

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