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See what great activities are customized to fit your #Flagstaffhoroscope.

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Nostalgic Road Trip Horoscope

Do the stars want you to take an epic hike in the Ponderosa Pines or explore the delights in Historic Downtown?

♒  Aquarius

Can you say early bird? Aquarius love to get up and hike first thing in the morning, so they make their way to the top of Mt. Elden and watch the sunrise before heading to the Arboretum for an inspiring yoga session. They’ve stimulated their body, and now it’s time for their mind. Aquarius are very creative, so naturally they have to attend the painting lesson after yoga. What a wonderful and productive morning! Now, it’s time for lunch. Lumberyard Brewery’s menu is ginormous which makes it a common favorite. It’s smack-dab in the heart of downtown, complete with a patio, and there’s plenty to see and hear... the train goes by time and time again. Aquarius ends the day meandering through Downtown and eventually settles on the Oeno Wine Lounge patio with a glass of wine in hand.

♓  Pisces

Pisces never travel without their whole family, dogs included of course. Pisces stay at pet-friendly hotels and dine on pet-friendly patios, something Flagstaff is in no shortage of. Pisces begin their day at Thorpe Park where the kids can enjoy the playground and the dogs can enjoy the bark park. After working up an appetite, they swing by Local Juicery for a healthy breakfast. Nearby, in the Aspen Place Sawmill Plaza, fun must be had with Creative Spirits where the family can create tangible memories of their time spent together in Flagstaff. Then, the family spends their day at FlagTag AZ. Pisces love the options for arcade games, laser tag, and ax throwing, so their kids can choose whichever activity they’d like to end the day.

♈  Aries

Aries are go-getters, so love to pack the most into their day. They head to Buffalo Park for a morning walk then swing by Brandy’s Restaurant for a traditional breakfast before visiting the Museum of Northern Arizona for an eye-opening and jaw dropping experience that includes a towering dinosaur, Native American exhibitions and a gift shop. Aries is intrigued and decides to road trip to Wupatki to see the Native American history with their own eyes. Captivated, they detour and hike Sunset Crater on their way back into town. Not quite ready to go indoors and give up the beautiful outdoor scenery, they choose to dine on the Toasted Owl Patio in Historic Downtown, the dinner menu available is provided by nearby restaurant Pizzicletta from across the street. The sunset is breathtaking, and Aries is satisfied with their day spent in Flagstaff.

♉  Taurus

Taurus love getting outside, they like to keep grounded, so planning some camping in our Ponderosa Pine Forest feels natural. Taurus are always prepared, so Peace Surplus is a must-stop on their way to KOA Campgrounds. While downtown, they pass the Flagstaff Climbing Center and decide to get some practice before having fun climbing real rocks. Taurus goes camping and is prepared with pre-made dinner due to fire restrictions being in effect. And just for fun, they left the portable speaker at home and brought a new guitar from AZ Music Pro. The next morning begins with peaceful tree bathing. Yes, it’s a thing and it doesn’t involve soap or water!

♊  Gemini

Gemini are old souls and will have the urge to hop in a convertible and cruise historic Route 66 before hopping out and taking the downtown walking tour to learn about Flagstaff’s rich history. This tour introduces Mother Road Brewery, a common favorite for Gemini’s, so lunch is served up with some frothy goodness on the side. Gemini, being somewhat of a beer connoisseur, books the Alpine Pedaler with sights on visiting the 8 award-winning breweries. Their journey ends at Historic Brewing where they dine on the patio with their final beer for the day, sit under the stars, and listen to the train.

♋  Cancer

Cancer are forever active, thoughtful, and eco-friendly. Bold and ambitious, Cancer dive headfirst into even the most challenging situations. While in the high-country, Cancer starts their day climbing through the sky, at Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course. Though the plan was to leave after completing the course, Cancer creates balance with the fun had all morning by hitting the nearby trails and pick up trash. They always find joy in leaving a destination better than they found it. After their Ponderosa Pine Forest adventure, they head back into town to charge their car at one of the many electric car charging stations available to the public. After dropping their car off at the Historic Rte. 66 charging location, they head off to enjoy the extensive vegan menu offered at the Dara Thai Restaurant. Inspired by the beauty that Flagstaff is immersed in, Cancer spends the remainder of their evening following the Public Art Walk Tour and admiring the murals around town as the sun sets over the mountains. Cancer is strongly considering moving to Flagstaff to join the Flagstaff Local movement and become a part of the community that shares so many of their same values. 

♌  Leo

Leo’s tend to live in big cities, so the escape to Flagstaff for some mountain fresh air is much needed by the time they get here. Leo's ride Snowbowl’s Arizona Gondola in order to get the best view in Flagstaff. After joyrides on the gondola, Leo’s can’t help but stop at Galaxy Diner to refuel and to indulge in some locally sourced noshing, topped off by the best milkshakes in town. Leo, being sentimental, swing by the Warner’s Nursery and Viola’s Flower Garden on their way to the Flagstaff Pulliam Airport to take some of the native plants home as a pleasant reminder of the beautiful scenery they left behind, but certainly look forward to returning to. The sentimental Leo’s will share their plant gifts with others upon their return home and encourage friends and family to go visit or join the next trip. And, because of the ‘leaders’ they are… they make sure they tell everyone about their stay.

♍  Virgo

Virgo love the snow, but not living in it. This is why Flagstaff is such a great trip for them. Virgo love to come during winter to ski and board at Arizona Snowbowl. If they’re not toting their own equipment, ski rentals are super accessible. Ski Haus, Humphrey’s Summit and many other local retailers bring their a-game to provide equipment and are filled with mountain necessities. Coffee is needed to fuel their ride and keep them warm. The Station Cafe is on the way to Snowbowl and offers a robust breakfast menu, too. After too-much-fun skiing, time to refuel again! The food at Snowbowl is amazing, however Altitudes Bar and Grill offers discounts for pass-holders and is located in beautiful Historic Downtown. After grabbing a bite to eat, Virgo finds a nice relaxing spot in their hotel hot tub. Once dinner time rolls around, Virgo is ready to carry out and settle in. Tomorrow is another big day in the snow on the mountain. 

♎  Libra

Libra’s love their coffee first thing in the morning, and boy can Flagstaff put the smile on your face and pep in your step! Hit Macy’s or Kickstand Cafe to start the day, then walk – or Segway around NAU’s mountain campus. To calm down from the hustle and bustle of downtown, Libra grabs a tea from Steep Lounge and journeys to a nearby park to sit and read their new Brightside Bookshop find in the warm sun and fresh mountain air. Afterwards, Libra takes advantage of the dark sky and heads to Lowell Observatory for a star-filled night they’ll never forget.

♏  Scorpio

Scorpio chases the sun and the fun, and Flagstaff never disappoints. Scorpio comes during summer to take advantage of the festival season. Scorpio is committed to the Flagstaff festival scene and can’t choose just one, so attends several. Art in the Park, Hullaballoo, and the Flagstaff Shakespeare festivals are reoccurring favorites that are must-do’s for Scorpios. They also believe that summer dining calls for some backyard barbecue, so they indulge in Satchmo’s Cajun and BBQ. And who doesn’t like ice-cream during the summer? Scorpio still needs their cherry on top of the day, so pick up some fresh made gelato from the Sweet Shoppe in Historic Downtown before walking around until the sun goes down.

♐  Sagittarius

Sagittarius are hard workers, so occasionally need a break from the day-to-day grind. They are spending a weekend getaway at Little America Hotel. We get you. It’s that high count linen, convenience of on-property dining and pool. Anticipation is strong... the outdoor patio with tranquil water falls and fire pits are calling. Sagittarius like to keep it simple, so laying low and staying close to the hotel for the most part, but in no shortage of things to do. Right outside the hotel is the Flagstaff Urban Trail System. Then, for another change of scenery, Northern Pines Restaurant is down the street.

♑  Capricorn

Capricorn come to Flagstaff on a mission. They are natural-born road-trippers. They pull up with style — RV style and their temporary home pulls into Black Barts RV Park. Before anything else, priorities are what priorities are, bikes are removed from racks and they pedal to Lake Mary Road in hopes of seeing herds of elk, antelope and maybe an eagle. Serious appetites are happening about now. Driving, biking, wildlife watching. You’re headed to the RV and anticipating the entertainment from Black Bart’s on-site steakhouse. You’re singing along with your server – between bites of the surf and turf. And the evening ends with a walk, and a sighed good night.

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