7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Flagstaff

Plan an unforgettable Earth Day celebration with family-friendly events and nature activities.

a man and woman sit on the edge of the Grand Canyon and look off into the distance

Celebrate Earth Day in Flagstaff by attending special events and activities that promote sustainability and environmental education. Immerse yourself in the boundless wonders of the outdoors by exploring the Coconino National Forest. Visit parks and museums showcasing Earth’s natural wonders and support local eco-friendly businesses. Don’t miss out on these fun ways to honor our planet in Flagstaff!

1. Attend Special Earth Day Events

Earth Day Celebration

Make your way to Bushmaster Park on April 20, 2024 for the ultimate Earth Day Celebration! Learn about sustainability and environmental conservation while enjoying live performances, food trucks, and free educational workshops.

National Park Week

Start celebrating Earth Day early with a FREE visit to a national park on April 20, 2024 – the first day of National Park Week. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and appreciate the efforts of the National Park Service and its partners in preserving our planet's natural and cultural heritage during this nine day event.

2. Marvel at Impressive Natural Wonders

Spend the day amidst breathtaking landscapes and appreciating the beauty of our world by visiting the many parks and monuments near Flagstaff, including Grand Canyon National Park. Explore hiking trails and pause at scenic vistas to admire these awe-inspiring natural wonders.

3. Unearth the Past at the Museum of Northern Arizona

Visit the Museum of Northern Arizona to embark on a journey through history and culture. The museum’s exhibits feature ancient bones and dinosaur skeletons, fossilized footprints, tribal histories, values and cultures of ten tribes of the Colorado Plateau, and hands-on learning experiences for kids.

Dark skies from Buffalo Park, Flagstaff, AZ

4. Explore Earth’s Place in the Universe

Flagstaff is the ultimate destination for astrotourism making it the place to learn about Earth's connection to the cosmos. Start with a trip to Meteor Crater, where the impact of cosmic forces on Earth's landscape is vividly displayed, then head to Lowell Observatory to observe celestial wonders.

5. Visit Earth-conscious Attractions

Discover Flagstaff's commitment to sustainability and ecotourism through eco-friendly attractions and eco-tours, offering immersive experiences that prioritizes embracing nature while minimizing environmental impact.

6. Grab a Bite to Eat at Sustainable Restaurants

Treat yourself to a meal at a sustainable restaurant in Flagstaff to enjoy dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients and prepared with eco-friendly practices. Savor the flavors while supporting environmentally conscious dining options that prioritize both taste and sustainability.

7. Stay at an Eco-Friendly Hotel

After a day of exploring and celebrating the Earth, unwind at an eco-friendly hotel. Relax in comfort knowing that your choice supports environmentally responsible practices and minimizes your environmental footprint.

Looking to make a positive impact this Earth Day? Explore volunteer opportunities offered by the City of Flagstaff or consider becoming a part of the Flagstaff Open Space Stewards.