The Flagstaff Visitor Guide is an annual publication featuring the accommodations, restaurants, activities and useful travel information for the Flagstaff area. Click here for a pdf download or sign up here to receive a copy of the Visitor Guide.

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Once you have selected Flagstaff for your group, take advantage of the ongoing resources that the Convention and Visitors Bureau can offer you.

Flagstaff City Map

Street map of the city to guide you to where you need to go in town. The map includes local attraction locations and helpful points of interest.

Downtown Dining Map

Includes up-to-date listings and locations of dining options in the downtown area. This map is also useful to guide you through the historic area of Flagstaff.

Northern Arizona University Map

Find your way through campus with this guide to buildings, meeting locations, athletic facilities and parking.

Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS) Map

FUTS is a city-wide network of more than 50 miles of non-motorized, shared-use pathways usedfor both recreation and transportation. About half of trails are paved and half consist of a hard-packed, aggregate surface. FUTS trails are generally eight or ten feet in width.

Public Art Map

Flagstaff is home to many world-renowned artists and public art installations. The Public Art Map is your guide to finding these pieces to view.

Explore Flagstaff (English)

Flagstaff is a special place, rich with history, cultural diversity and stunning beauty, making it home to amazing activity and recreational opportunities.