​Lowell Observatory Plans for August 2017 Solar Eclipse

Although Flagstaff is not in the path of totality for the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, staff at Lowell Observatory are busy working on special events surrounding this significant astronomical event to take place at both the Flagstaff campus and off-site in Madras, Oregon.

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Here in Flagstaff the eclipse will be 70% of the sun, and visitors are invited to spend the day at the observatory for a safe viewing experience and special education programming on the science of the eclipse as well as a live feed from the event in Madras where the eclipse will be 100%.

At the Lowell Observatory Solar Eclipse Experience at the Madras High School football field, astronomers, educators and personalities from Lowell Observatory and the Science Channel will narrate the eclipse as it oc­curs where the highlight will be more than two minutes of total darkness. Lowell Observatory will also host astronomer talks and solar experiments throughout the day and end the evening with a star party on the foot­ball field. The August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse has been called the Great American Eclipse because it will be visible from only one country—the United States.


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