30 Years of Beaver Street Brewery

As we gear up for Arizona Beer Week, 2024, this one has an extra special meaning.  We are celebrating our 30th Anniversary this March!  Back in the day, Beaver Street Brewery was born as a cozy brewpub in Flagstaff’s historic Southside Neighborhood.  We took pride in bringing life to South Beaver Street, turning it into a bustling spot alongside Macy’s and La Bellavia (now Brandy’s Café).  It became the go-to downtown hangout, and we loved every minute of it!

From those early days of Beaver Street Brewery and not too soon after, Flagstaff Brewing Company setting the stage in 1994, we’ve witnessed an incredible evolution in Flagstaff’s beer landscape, Now, with eight fantastic breweries adding to Flagstaff’s charm, including our sister and production brewery, Lumberyard Brewing Co, just a skip away on San Francisco St, the beer scene here has truly blossomed. 

And guess what hasn’t changed?  You can still swing by to enjoy our beloved award-winning brews like the R&R Oatmeal Stout and the timeless Railhead Red.  Our menu has taken twists and turns, evolving to embrace new flavors and trends while keeping those classic favorites that everyone adores.  We’re all about crafting great food with our own unique spin, whether you’re seeking comfort or craving something brand new.

Let’s raise a glass to three decades of crafting delicious brews, serving up good eats, and being a part of this wonderful beer-loving community.  Here’s to treasuring the old favorites and embracing the journey of discovering brew ones.  Cheers to 30 years of craft beer in Flagstaff!

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