Historic Buildings

When exploring historic downtown Flagstaff, you’ll walk through streets lined with sandstone brick buildings built in the 1890s, and through “newer” structures built during the roaring 1920s to early 1930s. Flagstaff cherishes its past through historic preservation efforts.

Popular Historic Landmarks:

Brannen Buildings 1883-87
McMillan Building 1886
Babbitt Brothers Building 1888
Church of the Nativity 1888-1930
Santa Fe Depot 1889
Coconino County Courthouse 1894
Weatherford Hotel 1898
Elks Hall 1899
Citizen’s Bank Building 1903
Abineau Building 1912
Finley Building 1913
Orpheum Theater 1916
Masonic Building 1917
Riordan-Babbitt Building 1917
Nackard Building 1922
Monte Vista Hotel 1926
Santa Fe Depot (after fire destroyed the first) 1926
New Babbitt Building 1935
Federal Building 1936

Historic Southside

Venture south of the tracks to the popular area known as Flagstaff’s Historic Southside District. This evolving area of downtown features amazing nightlife, including Altitudes Bar & Grill, Beaver Street Brewery, Fratelli Pizza and Lumberyard Brewing Company, along with many other local breweries and hotspots.