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Dog•Gone Friendly at 7,000' - YouTube

There’s an abundance of happiness for your fur baby in Flagstaff at 7,000’.  After all, we’re talking crisp mountain air, temps that’ll have them backflippin’...

Visit Flagstaff in August - YouTube

There is nothing like mountain biking among the fern on the San Francisco Peaks. Taking your pup out for a hike after the monsoons have passed for the day.

Visit Flagstaff in February - YouTube

From sitting at Rendezvous on the corner of Aspen and San Francisco to Skiing the slopes and seeing Ava, Arizona Snowbowl's avalanche rescue puppy...

Visit Flagstaff in May - YouTube

...We even have a company in town that makes dog beds and doggy dish decks. Stop by Olsen’s Grains or Peace Surplus for a custom "Wagstaff" dog bed.



For more pet-friendly information contact the Flagstaff Visitor Center at 1-800-842-7293 or visit to download a Visitor Guide and get the latest happenings in Flagstaff.


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