Virtual Great Pinecone Drop

Making plans for New Year's Eve? The annual Pinecone Drop will be virtual this year, join us from your sofa and ring in the New Year at!

Enjoy the Great Pinecone Drop VIRTUALLY from the comfort of your home! 

(Editor’s note:  The December 31, 2020 event is virtual-only.  The viewing downtown is cancelled, the pinecone will not drop in real time.) 

Rather than Flagstaff’s New Year’s Eve customary down parka, mittens and scarves, this year’s virtual-only Great Pinecone Drop event will require an electronic viewing device, your tried-and-true comfy sweatshirt (or bring out the sequins in your own home), some hot chocolate goodness, and your coziest in-home gathering place.    

The beloved event, in its 22nd year, has been created and hosted by Flagstaff locals and The Weatherford Hotel entrepreneurs, Sam Green and Henry Taylor.  While this year’s event will be cozier, Sam and Henry are committed to providing an uninterrupted experience that has become tradition for so many locals and visitors.  The Great Pinecone Drop became Flagstaff’s New Year’s Eve tradition in 1999, when the Weatherford Hotel rang in the new millennium and honored the Hotel’s 100-year anniversary.  

The viewing experience will certainly be different this year, so here are some ideas to get your party started: 

  1. Hot cocoa or latte – There are some seriously great local businesses offering freshly ground or whole bean coffee to-go, as well as not-to-be-missed hot cocoa mix with pre-packaged goodness that will certainly, have you asking for more.  Craft your own frothy hot chocolate concoction and top it off with whipped cream and sprinkles . . . you can have more than one!!!! 
  2. Party regalia - a virtual event still allows for those party-atmosphere making traditions including miniature horns, curl-up paper tube horns, beaded necklaces, festive paper hats and tiaras . . . you get the idea, make it your own! 
  3. Dinner on-the-go – you, your friends and family certainly have their favorite pizza, steak, Asian, Mexican, and let’s not forget – burger, place.  Make your plans early and place your orders in advance as restaurants will be hopping. Downtown also has curbside parking to make it easy to pick up your ordered meal.  
  4. Farewell 2020 – get dolled-up or put on those favorite jeans or yoga pants, settle-in, grab your device, key-in . . . sit-back and celebrate!  

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